Winfield for Women

Women Who Win

Women now drive the world economy with total year earnings of $13 trillion controlling about $20 trillion in annual consumer spending.

At Winfield for Women we recognize you’ve worked hard to build your business, sacrificing untold hours and enduring stress.

Securing Your Financial Future

As a financial strategy firm, Winfield for Women assists affluent women across the nation to develop a strategic plan for financial security offering services designed specifically for you.

We work with a very diverse group of women

Female executives, professionals, stay-at-home moms, and other women who are concerned about protecting their wealth and are in need of an expert financial advocate prepared to handle matters with the utmost of confidentiality and discretion.

“We all need financial clarity in order to protect our families and our futures—but many of us feel unsure how to achieve it. Winfield for Women is a financial boutique, specializing in financial matters for affluent women.”
Kimberly French, Scottsdale, Arizona

Traveling, retirement, savings programs, grandchildren college funding, starting a new business…

Winfield for Women can help you personalize your financial portfolio, saving and investing in what you want, the way you want. Review and adjust your portfolio to your risk tolerance and needs with strategies that align with your goals and values.

At Your Convenience

Offering time-savings solutions for your busy schedule, our advisors initial meeting is a brief, relaxed visit scheduled at a location of your selection or by phone.

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